HC BAXXTER is a project, where I try to combine my favourit musicstyles – Trash Techno, politics and Hardcore-Punk. It was founded in October 2015 and if you like the music and want to get in touch with me for booking or anything else, feel free to write a mail: hcbaxxter[at]riseup.net
But for me it‘s important that I don‘t wanna play a show, that stands in a context with rassistic, sexistic, homo-/transphobic or any other shit.
In September 2016 I released my first record. Since then there some more releases. You can download all the songs here music or @ bandcamp. Or you can stream it on spotify or other streaming plattforms.
There’s also some merch like records, patches or shirts that you can find at merch. If you are interested in something just write a mail hcbaxxter[at]riseup.net
You also can find some linernotes to my songs here: Album 1 Album 2 EP